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What type of septic system do I need?
Figuring out which kind of septic you require, will depend upon your specific needs. Considerations for your septic system design include: how heavily the system will be used, how much space you have, the attributes of the area, and the make-up of the soil.

Septic systems which are installed in unsuitable soil regularly break down and release crude, untreated sewage into the outer layer of the ground, or into a road side ditch which may contaminate the ground water.

It may be costly to fix septic system issues, and there are dangers which might result from failed systems. Thus, the Ontario Building Code requires an extensive soil and site appraisal to decide the reasonableness of the septic design and plans, in the context of the demands on the system, and the dirt and geology of the property prior to granting the permits required for a septic system installation or replacement.

An ordinary septic, one with a septic tank and a tile bed/drain field covered 2 to 3 feet down, is utilized at close to one-half of the homes with septic systems in the Perth, Ontario area.

In dirt that is excessively wet or shallow for an ordinary septic system, a raised bed might be required.

Perth Septic System Considerations When Purchasing a Building Lot
· Is there sufficient room on the property for the home, the septic system, and a water well (if necessary)?

· Your well and any neighbor’s wells must be 100 feet or further from where the septic system will be installed.

· There should be sufficient land around the are of the septic system, in case the system needs repair or replacement later on.

· Is the land situated near a stream or waterway that could flood?

· Is the region wet or damp?

· Is there bedrock present which might impede the septic system?

Installing a Septic System Carleton Place, Ontario
Section 8: “Sewage Systems” of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) manages the planning, development, replacement and repair of septic systems for most single-family homes. The region’s Public Health Unit or Municipality will analyze plans, issue permits, and assess septic systems under the OBC. For septics in Perth, ON and surrounding regions, this obligation has been delegated to the The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.

Permits under the OBC should be acquired before septic system installation or replacement. Your Perth Septic Installer can help with this process.

The two fundamental components which decide the size and intricacy of a septic system in Ontario are the measure of wastewater that the construction standard demonstrates may be needed, and the dirt/site conditions. An appropriately planned septic system which is adequate to deal with the property owners needs, will eliminate septic system breakdown and problems.

It is difficult to identify which type and size of septic system is needed, and how much a septic system will cost without visiting the property to survey the space, assess entry for gear, cleanup needs, and so on.

Perth Septic System Maintenance and Repair
All septic frameworks require maintenance and inspection to prevent and identify problems. 

A normal family septic system ought to be inspected at regular intervals by a Perth Septic Installer. Residential septic tanks are normally pumped every three to five years. Systems with electrical float switches, pumps, or other mechanical parts ought to be investigated more frequently, or once a year.  An maintenance contract is vital to support proper functioning.

It is recommended that you keep track of all inspections, problems and repairs for your septic system