New or Replacement Septic Systems & Repairs  

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Signs You May Need A Septic System Repair

Lingering Foul Smell

A foul smell detected around the septic tank or bed is a sign of a leaking septic tank, piping or fouled septic bed.

Household Drains Backing Up

Drains backing up can be a sign that your septic tanks' filter is plugged or something more serious.

Pooling of Water or Mud

Spongy wet ground around your septic tank or bed can indicate a leaking pipe or saturated septic bed.

Uneven Growth over Septic

Uneven grass or grass that is much greener over small areas of the septic bed can be caused by unlevel piping or bed saturation.

A Septic System Repair Could Save You Thousands of Dollars $$$

Repairing a septic system versus replacing the whole septic system

Some examples of repairs are:

  • replacement of leaking pipes and fittings to stop leaks
  • re-leveling of septic bed header pipes to allow even distribution throughout the bed
  • patching septic tank outlet to stop leaks
  • replacement of failing septic tank when bed is still good
  • replacement of failing septic bed when tank is still good

Unfortunately over time most septic systems will suffer from settling of the ground underneath it, and with prolonged use most of the space between the soil and sand particles will get filled in making it hard for the effuent (sewage water) to leech into the surrounding ground area. Depending on: the type of septic system; type of underlying soil; and quality of installation, most septics should last up to 14 – 25 years, with some systems lasting much longer.

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