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Need A New Septic System?

· Is there enough space on the lot for the home, the septic system, and water well (if needed)?

· Your well and all neighbors’ wells should be 100 feet or further from the septic system.

· There must also be enough land for a “repair area” that can be used if the septic system needs expansion or replacement in the future.

· Is the land located near a stream or river that could flood?

· Is the area wet or swampy?

· Is there bedrock present which may interfere with the septic system?

Part 8: “Sewage Systems” of the Ontario Building Code (OBC) regulates the design, construction, operation and maintenance of on-site septic systems for most single-family homes. The municipality’s Building Department will examine plans, issue permits, and inspect systems regulated under the OBC. For septic systems in Perth, ON and surrounding areas, this responsibility has been delegated to The Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit.

Proper approvals under the OBC must be obtained before septic installation or improvements. Your Perth Septic Installer can assist with this process.

The two main elements which determine the size and complexity of a septic system in Ontario are the maximum amount of wastewater that the building code indicates could be produced on a daily basis, and the soil/site conditions. A properly designed septic system which is adequate to handle the homeowners needs, will reduce the need for septic system replacement and repairs.


It is almost impossible to determine what type and size of septic system and how much a septic system will cost without visiting the property to assess the available space, ease of access for equipment, cleanup needs, etc.

All septic system installation require careful attention to design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair.

The average household septic system should be inspected at least every three years by a Perth Septic Installer. Household septic tanks are typically pumped every three to five years. Alternative systems such as those with electrical float switches, pumps, or mechanical components should be inspected more often, generally once a year. A service contract is important to ensure proper operation and prevent the need for septic system repairs.


Keep records of all service and repairs for your septic system

A conventional septic system, one with a septic tank and a tile bed/leach field buried 2 to 3 feet deep, is used at almost one-half of the homes with septic systems in Perth, Ontario.

In some soils that are too wet or too shallow for a conventional septic system, a modified standard system or an alternative septic system may be needed.